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You are looking for the right person on the job, at the right time.

Looking for a new employee? We will help you!

  • Call +47 09 125 and talk to one of our consultants.
  • Job analysis – we need to have as much information about the job as possible to find the most suitable candidates for your job roles.  The more specific you can be – the more accurately we are able to deliver.
  • To meet the current requirements regarding equal treatment of temporary agency work, we need some information about our customers. We therefore have a form you must fill in before we start the cooperation.
  • As soon as a signed contract and necessary documentation is available, we can begin the search for the right candidate.

Time is precious – Your cooperation with Skuteviken Personell shall be worthwhile

  • Quality and capacity are two of our main goals. As a costumer you can expect to have a staffing partner with qualified personnel available at the right time.
  • Quality of delivery – everything begins with the job analysis!
  • In the first meeting with the client, we ask some clarifying questions. We need to clarify what your expectations actually are to be able to deliver the right candidate.
  • We call this job analysis. It is important that we understand your needs and what you expect from us and our temps; what they must do, at what time and how you follow up temps.
  • The more specific you can be – the more accurately we are able to deliver. Doing this, we are able to find the right person for the job!
  • Job analysis ensure us that we meet current legislative requirements of equal treatment of temporary workers. Signed contract and necessary documentation must be in place before we can rent out a substitute.
  • The key to success is to understand each other’s expectations! This is the foundation for further cooperation.
  • We have a strong team of recruiters who are constantly striving to update our CV data base. We map the competence of potential candidates through our system, conduct structured interviews and check references before candidates are presented to you. We know our candidates well before we hire them!
  • This process is time consuming, but quality requires good systems and time.
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What can you expect as a customer?

  • We care about our customers and employees.
  • To be able to adapt to any changes in your project we will have contact with you at a weekly basis.
  • We solve personnel challenges that arise and have a lot of competence in the HR field.
  • To meet your needs we are working on continuous improvement of our processes and recruitment methods. We find that customers appreciate this and gladly contribute. This is how we become a great team!
  • We follow closely by visiting projects to help ensure that your staffing needs will be solved in time.
  • We are committed and personal, and are available even beyond office hours.


  • We have established a subsidiary company in Lithuania – they only recruit to us!
  • Our recruitment officer in Lithuania is one of our most experienced employees, and used to work at the Bergen office for several years. She knows many of our customers and use the same method as us. Read more about our office in Lithuania here.
  • We also have partners in Poland, which has assisted us with candidates for several years. They recruits by the same method as us. They also help with recruiting candidates for site testing and recruitment fairs in Poland

Recruitment method

  • Our approach consists of extended competency mapping online, structured interview with professional control issues and thorough reference checks.
  • In the interviews, we emphasize professional skills and personal qualities.

Capacity – we supply personnel to small and large projects.

  • Do you have a big project coming up that requires a lot of you and your organization? Invited us in and we plan together with you!
  • When we know your needs, we will find the right and best qualified temps.
  • Our database is updated at all time with candidates ready to be employed. If the candidates fits your needs, we employ continuously.
  • If we can not meet your needs, we expand the search process based on your wishes.